1.- Location

The shipments all leave from our warehouse located in Montornes del Valles, Barcelona, and from there they are distributed to any point in Spain (except Ceuta and Melilla and the Islands). All shipments include the corresponding Spanish VAT.

2.- Preparation

Shipments are prepared (except for special circumstances) until 3:00 p.m. from Monday to Friday. In the case of orders placed after this time, the order will be shipped the next day. These conditions only apply to orders whose payment is made by credit card.

The delivery service we use is of type 2 to 5 business days (to take care of ourselves in health). This means that the delivery to our customers is made during the hours after leaving our warehouse. No deliveries are made on Saturdays or holidays, so orders placed on Friday will be processed on Monday.

3.- Delivery schedule

Deliveries will be made between 9am and 5pm. Transport companies never specify the exact time of delivery, and therefore it is recommended that you provide an address where there may be someone to pick up the order within this time frame. If you do not want the order to be delivered within those 2 to 5 days, notify it in the additional information section. Whenever the client specifies a specific delivery time, CLB Forklifts includes it on the delivery note, although the transport companies are not obliged to comply with it (but they do try as much as possible to ensure delivery).

If the carrier cannot deliver the package due to not finding anyone, it will return to the carrier's warehouse in the destination city. They will try to contact the customer the next day to arrange a new delivery, so it is very important that they leave us a valid phone number where they can be contacted. Although carriers should leave a notice of their passage, it may be that they do not. If you have questions about the status of your shipment, contact us at

In the event that the client organizes the collection of the merchandise, they will always inform by telephone or via email of the scheduled collection time, this always being between 8:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m.

4.- Shipping cost

The shipping cost for accessories will be included in the purchase price.

The cost of shipping machinery (more than 150 kg) is not included in the offered price and if CLB Forklifts organizes the transport, it will inform the transport budget beforehand for approval.

*All shipments for accessories are contracted with street delivery.

**Shipments of machinery may require means by the client for unloading such as cranes, platforms, docks, etc.. Consult with CLB Forklifts any questions you may have regarding unloading.

*** There is the possibility of sending a different transport company contracted by the client on their own. To do this, you must select the option "Pick up at CLB Forklifts facilities" and send us the necessary documentation for the shipment.

5.- Deliveries to Spain

The products offered on the website will be sent only to the peninsula.

No shipments will be made outside the mentioned delivery area.

For shipments outside the peninsula, islands, Andorra and outside of Spain, you must first contact us by mail or by phone +34-93-544-4701

6-. Cancellation of the order:

Orders can only be canceled BEFORE they are delivered to the transport company at no cost. Otherwise the cost of transport will not be returned.

It is convenient that the cancellation of the order be made as soon as possible and by telephone. CLB Forklifts tries to work with agility and therefore, if it is done by email, it will be the customer's responsibility that the order has been delivered to the transport, without having previously seen the email communication.

7.- Incidents during shipment:

Shock and/or breakage: In the unlikely event that the package arrives at your hands with visible damage or in poor condition, please indicate this on the delivery note that you must sign for the carrier. Accept the shipment and send us an email with the incident to, otherwise it will be difficult to file a subsequent claim with the transport company if the content is damaged.

Loss: If a shipment is lost, CLB Forklifts will proceed with its claim without any additional cost or need for management by the customer.

Delay: In the case of unjustified delay in the delivery of a package, the client must notify CLB Forklifts so that we can proceed with the corresponding claim. Currently, transport companies rarely cover the cost of shipping, but if compensation can be obtained, CLB Forklifts will inform the customer. CLB Forklifts will not compensate customers for delays caused by delivery delays caused by transportation.

In the event that the client rejects the delivery of the package: If the client rejects the delivery, regardless of the nature of the reason, without prior authorization or express consent by CLB Forklifts, CLBForklifts reserves the right and may decide unilaterally the solution of pay the customer the amount of the purchase minus the costs of the actual transport generated or a new delivery of the merchandise since the merchandise was sent. This decision will not be subject to the customer's consent, since a breach of contract by the customer will be understood as any rejection of any delivery attempt.

Thank you for your visit. Before buying products through the CLB Forklifts website, it is important that you carefully read and understand these conditions, since by formalizing the order they are automatically accepted.