Questions to consider before acquiring a machine for our warehouse:

Questions to consider before acquiring machinery for our warehouse:

The most important aspect before purchasing equipment for our warehouse is to know exactly what we want to accomplish. After understanding our needs, we need to assess the characteristics of our facilities to anticipate which machines can or cannot operate in them. There are many possibilities when it comes to handling loads and pallets. Forklifts, whether 3-wheel or 4-wheel, thermal or electric, electric stackers with or without platforms, electric pallet jacks with or without platforms, reach trucks, order pickers of different heights, etc.

What should we ask ourselves before acquiring a new machine for our warehouse?

  • - Weight of the heaviest pallets to be handled?
  • - Dimensions of the pallets?
  • - Height of the top beam of the rack where stacking is required?
  • - Measurement of the distance between aisle shelves?
  • - Are there ramps or inclines in the facilities?
  • - Are there doors or mezzanines in the facilities through which the machine will move?
  • - Dimensions of the facilities?

By answering these simple questions, we will likely know the machine they need. They can contact us and receive a quote for the most suitable machine.

Why acquire a used or second-hand machine?

Acquiring a used machine is often the most suitable option in 80% of the cases we study. The price of brand new units from major brands such as Toyota/BT, STILL, Linde, or Jungheinrich is very high, and in most cases, the usage hours of the machines do not justify such a high investment cost. However, machines from the best and most prestigious brands can be obtained in really good condition for a much lower price due to the significant depreciation they undergo once they have been used by the first user. Our machines always come from large companies in northern Europe where rental or leasing contracts end, and they are replaced by new units, taking advantage of the tax benefits that certain countries offer for the acquisition of new equipment. It is also worth noting that the care and maintenance of these units are much superior in northern Europe than the care and maintenance that these machines receive in other countries. This is an especially important point because the quality of used machines is related to the maintenance and care they receive during their first years of use. We cannot affirm whether the reason is cultural or economic, but the technical condition of used machines from northern Europe is almost always superior to the condition of machines already used in countries like ours. There are exceptions, of course, but after 25 years of experience, we have received machinery from most European countries, and we can attest to this.

Another factor to consider is the environmental sustainability that comes with extending the life of these equipment. Most of them are susceptible to maintenance, and by replacing worn elements such as wheels, bearings, seats, batteries, etc., they can have a second stage of life for many more years without the need to use new, increasingly expensive, and scarce resources, thus contributing to sustainability in the use of raw materials.

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